Recent Adventures


This session was so creatively refreshing for me. To have a couple let me in like Danny and Brielle capture them in their place. Nothing posed, nothing planned. The thought of them looking back and showing their grandkids these photos…telling them stories of this place they used to live in...of the lake they spent so many weekends at laughing with family. There's something so intimate about those everyday moments. I love the simplicity of it all. It is so fulfilling as a photographer to be able to capture these tender moments for couples. Let me in…let me into the familiar and let's create something real. 

Not pictured…Danny and Brielle romantically cooking bacon in their kitchen. Because if you know Danny…you know he loves bacon. (we actually photographed this, y'all.)  You also know he hardly wears a shirt! I am so lucky to know these two. Danny is my husbands best friend, and I am fortunate to have a new lifelong friend in his amazing fiancé! 

Enjoy a glimpse into the everyday.